Sunday, October 23, 2011

At last.....

First, be prepared for a strange sort of post....and no it isn't a Halloween one.
For a while now, I have been wanting to figure out where I want to be laid to rest...when I die. I have considered two or three options other than this. And both of them are still possibilities. But I went out to the strip pits this evening, and was leaving them by this one road I have only been on one time...and that was coming home from the opposite direction I was going tonight.

So tonight, nothing at all was moving out at the area, so I thought I would head over into Illinois to see what I could see. I had not more than started down the road and there was a sign for the Shirley Cemetery. It almost looked like a long private drive, but down it I went and found this little cemetery.

I have been telling Roger for a year now, at least, that out there at the strip pits is the only place I really want my bones to lay. His cousin has property out there, that actually has a little cemetery on it...but they are old and just maybe a dozen or so graves there. I did not want to ask him for such a big favor.
These are some just feel like you are away from everything.
It was not deep woods by any means, but it was pleasant.
This big old maple tree was out near the entrance of the actual cemetery...not at the beginning of the lane. I wish i had taken a shot looking down that would see why it looks so inviting.
And there was this little chipmunk chirping because I was there.....

I do not know who to get in touch with to find out who runs it, but I really want to find out if there are burial plots left! It would be a weight off my mind to have that settled.

Now some might think I am nuts to be worrying about this now, but it would be so nice to have it settled. It sounds crazy, but I am just thrilled to have found this place.