Monday, February 16, 2015

Lorelei and her quilt

This was taken a while after she had received her I wish I could have had a picture of her the minute she pulled it out of the bag.
When she asked me for a heart quilt, I was fine with it.  But at that time she thought I should be able to sew it up in a day and mail it to her.  No joke.  I was first of all surprised that she did ask about it every so often.  When I had it all together and on the design wall, she did not seem impressed.

But when she asked about it on the phone the other night, and I told her I was doing the finishing stitches on it, she says, "You are?  Really, Mamaw?  Are you?"  I should have known by that that it would get a good reaction...I forget her words when she pulled it out but she hugged it and her eyes just sparkled.  She said something about having her very own quilt...I did not quite understand since she has two or three others.  Unless it is the fact that this one has flannel backing...

She later wrapped up with it on the floor, and played....then graduated to this chair.  I asked her if it was going to be her couch quilt and she said yes.