Monday, July 18, 2011

Another for Barn Charm!

First, let me get the preliminaries over with. This is my entry for Tricia's Barn Charm if you want to join or just see the rest of the barns that are entered.

This barn comes from Tennessee....again. But it also has a little story attached. Everyone that knows me, knows how much I love Tennessee and consider it home. Even if I don't go down for years and years it is still home....and I still like the soft southern drawl of the people. I still think they are some of the finest people to be found. I guess everyone thinks that of their hometown or home state.

Imagine my surprise when we stopped for me to take photos of this...I got yelled at for taking pictures! Actually, I didn't know what they said....I was standing in the road on down from a house, and Roger was just pulled over to the side but still in the road. So I walk back to see what the lady said...and it was one lady telling me that another lady said I did not have permission to take photos of the barn!

The other lady came out then, an elderly lady I should add, and asked me why I was taking pictures...I just told her I take pictures of barns where ever I go...and walked away. I was so upset I did not want to talk to her....if I had at that time I would probably have told her if she didn't want pictures of it taken, then she needed to build a privacy fence. I just walked away....I could not believe someone down there would say anything about a picture being taken.

I had to tell this little story.....I have taken a gazillion pictures and some of them right in peoples faces almost and no one has ever gotten upset. It just goes to show there has to be an old grouch wherever you go.