Tuesday, March 4, 2014

From warmer days

This was a window up in Veedersburg, Indiana.  It was taken last fall when we went up there for the flea market.  Notice the slight reflections of the trees in the lower portion of the window.  Not only is the window a beauty even if it needs a little care, but the reflections are nice reminders of what is to come.
My body is fighting a cold...I don't have one where I feel horrible...just not quite normal.  Feel yukky of the morn and yukky at night.  But if this is the worst that it gets, not going to complain too much.

What I want to complain about is the inventor of range hoods!  Every time I try to clean mine I end up fussing...I ought to get Roger involved and I bet he could invent a better one.  He says he would take it down for me...and I will let him later on.  I know I don't have the full strength in my arms like I used to...and with me having problems on both sides with the frozen shoulder thing, I have let things slide.  I hate to always asked Roger to do my work or have to help me.  But it is just going to have to be.  

Windows need washed, and even though we have the flip windows, I haven't the strength of a sick cat in one arm.  So soon as it warms up again, I will have him help me take the curtains down....and he can flip them in for me and I can take it from there. 

One of my neighbors in Terre Haute was one of those spring cleaners.  She literally moved everything around a room and cleaned each room so thoroughly each spring.  Every year.  And I used to do that, but haven't in a long time.

But talking about cleaning, what is you favorite cleaning tip or cleaning product?  I think my favorite product is Formula 409!   I think there is a way of making your own, but I can't recall how.

Another thing, if I am baking something messy, such as a meat loaf, I will line the pan with aluminum foil till the pan don't get a sticky mess on it.  When I take the meatloaf our, I try to be careful and not tear the foil...let it set and cool down and it can be lifted out and either no mess, or very little mess to clean up.   Or if I am baking something that might spill over or drip over such as a pie, I put a piece of aluminum foil down below to catch the drips.