Thursday, January 12, 2017

Losing my mind...

I have spent hours the past few days looking on Google Earth.  Looking for where this barn was located.  I know the general area it was at.  But just cannot find for sure where it was.  The other day when we took a detour home, we went down the road I thought it was on, only to find out I was wrong.  That is when the search began.  I would have bet money I could take you right to where it once stood.

 And look at it...I don't see anything that terribly wrong with it...this was taken in December of 2010.  I have taken photos since this was taken.  But the last time we were by there the barn was completely gone.

Anyway, as if I needed to feel any crazier...not being able to spot where it was has left me feeling like I must be crazy.