Tuesday, April 21, 2020


Well, one project is finished, but I won't show it for a few days...in the meantime I will continue to make a few of these along:

I have a 3 or 4 more I have not put up...but I must have miscounted...I would have sworn I counted 50. and I have made a few more since then.  I will have to look and see if I have misplaced some.  One thing, this has really shown me hat I like polka-dots.  Or maybe I should say dots.  I cannot think how many different dots are in this.  And some are not exactly dot but are flowers in a circle.  (Scroll on down to see another pic...I found the other blocks)


You have ever right/reason to be afraid of this.  It is a Brown Recluse.  Expand the view to see it better. Lorelei's mom was moving a computer tower at work.  Had moved it, and was going to bend over and grab the cables and saw this just in time!  I did not ask her what she did with it.  She normally carries spiders outside if she finds one at her house.  I know she wouldn't carry this in her hand, but she might have put it in a cup or something and taken it out.

It has been raining a bit tonight...I don't think it is going to rain too much.   I hope it is done by tomorrow.  I need to go pick up a few groceries.  I always go earlier in the day when there are only a few people out.  

Everyone take care....

Edited to add:

I went back in there and found my other squares laying on the step stool.  So had to take  a pic and show you!