Friday, January 29, 2010

A visitor

We had the pleasure of having our little darling come for a visit yesterday! She gets so excited when she sees us. Who would have thought anyone our age could give such joy to a kid. She just about jumps out of her car seat to get to us.
She is doing the blast-off thing from Sid the Science kid in the photo above...we just say blast-off and she raises her arms up. Or sometimes she will raise them and go 'ta-daaa!' Sarah said the other night Jeremy came in, I don't remember if it was from work or from going and doing something else. Anyway, Lorelei heard him and yelled 'DA-Da!'
She yells 'Cat'when she sees the cats for the first time or if one appears unexpectedly. She gets excited over them and wants to follow them. It is more the excitement of the chase than it is to actually pet them. Bubbie laid on the couch the entire time she was here and she might look, touch him for a couple minutes, then she would go back to playing with her toys or with us. Yet let one of the others walk through, and she was after them in a flash.
It is down to 13ยบ as I type this. Tennessee is supposed to get hit with a pretty good snow storm, but we are only supposed to get an inch at the most from it....more as you go south. I don't know if I am happy or sad with that. I really would like to have one more good snow at I suppose I will be wishing we were getting it.

Not sure what I am going to do today...nothing has to be done. We had sunshine yesterday! If I thought it was going to be sunny most of the day, I would suggest a road trip. But Roger may have other things in mind.