Friday, November 11, 2011

This is the Princess Pussycat

Roger got out the ladder to do one thing, instead we ended up trimming back my wisteria and cutting some limbs from the crab apple. 

Before I got out there Roger had leaned the step ladder against the house and went to the shop to get something.   When I first got out there, Puss Puss was up on the top of the stepladder.  I ran inside to get my camera.  When I got back out with it, here she came to meet me.  I kept talking to her and she climbed back up, just not all the way to the top.

She is a very petite little kitty...we call her Puss Puss.  She has got to be most curious kitty I have ever seen.  If a door is opened, she can be clear at the other end of the house and she is right there within two seconds to see where the door leads.  If a drawer is open, she is in it and climbing over the back of it the drawer below.

If it is cold, she races us to bed; and she does want under the cover, between us.  She will have none of that laying on the edge of the bed.  She wants her back snuggled against one of us with her feet pushing into the other's side or back.  And she will stay there for hours...oh, and beware of her if she you sit down near her with bacon.  She will snatch it right out of your hand.