Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Lorelei was gone to California all last week...and I am just now getting around to posting  some pics.  That is the Hollywood sign behind her.  It was 5 or 6 miles up there and she hiked it all by herself, I think.
They went to see the Giant Sequoias while out there...
Not sure where this is at...
Miss Hollywood!
She really enjoys the beach....
We are still without AC....they sent the wrong motor to our local hardware store.  So Ryan ordered it again...Roger heard him reading the numbers from the motor.  The one they sent was just totally wrong.  If it is not the right one tomorrow, we are heading to Terre Haute with the motor to see if we can find one down there.

We have been has been overcast all day till just an hour or two right before dark. I don't think it got up to even 80ยบ here today...I am still coughing, but don't feel too bad.  Just hot!  And though Roger is not over his cold/flu, he is not feeling near as bad as he did.