Saturday, June 5, 2010

Who goes there??

I was trying to snap a quick photo of the cardinal day before yesterday, but a couple of these grackles seemed to think the feeder was for them alone. This one seemed to be warning evey thing else to stay away. Even the one on the ground. And soon as they notice me, they were both gone!

I managed to keep the cats inside today, did not let them out till after dark. (I am just saying the cardinals lasted another day.) That probably only happened cause we were gone a big part of the day. Roger had a couple things to do this morn...then we were going to Sarah's house. But I decided to sew just a line or two or three before we went.

I came up about two hours before we had to be there..grabbed my camera and out the door we went. Roger had left the Rav4 out by the sidewalk rather than put it in the garage since he knew we would be leaving shortly. He was a bit ahead of me...about the time I got in he made the announcement that the car wouldn't start. Neither of us know what to think...we have never had a minute's worth of problems from it.

He tries again and then gets out and looks under the hood...nothing obvious. I luck. Of course the windows are down just a little bit and there is a chance of rain. I came in and snatched trash bags, we cut them open, open the doors, and sort of wrap the plastic trash bags over the open part of the window....that involved Roger coming in and getting duct tape, the handy man's secret weapon.

We get them taped in place, and get in the truck and head on to Sarah's...we have probably killed half and hour or 45 minutes by this time. We go our usual route, only at the last sets of railroad tracks cars are backed way back and everyone is turning around and heading a different route. So we do, too...we go to the next way we might be able to get luck there...the train is all the way down there.

So we go an even longer route and on the third try we make it through...not sure how much time we spent doing that...but we still made it in time to spend a few minutes with Sarah before she left...and stayed for a bit after she got back. Came home, and decided it was just the battery with the is fixed and running fine.

I tried to catch up on some of the inside work tonight...haven't spend much time on here other than to text my daughter and to compose a couple emails. Now it is time to close and maybe watch a bit of TV or to read..not sure which.