Tuesday, January 19, 2010

8 lists of 8!

I could not figure a way to work this video into the lists below, so I am just putting it here for a little laughter. It is so like Bubbie...he comes to bed of the morn, and jumps up, and for the longest time, he always jumped up on me. He will walk, sometimes jump from me to Roger or Roger to me. It is against the rules to step on the bed. He gives this little meow, just about like the meow on this. Only, it isn't so much that he is hungry...he just wants one of us to be awake and maybe get up and move around. If we make room for him, he will snuggle into one of us and stay there if one of us pets him. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it...now for the business at hand.

MB, over at Small City Scenes of Stanwood was tagged to do this meme that was Eight lists of Eight categories....she didn't tag anyone but invited anyone that wanted to, to do it. So, I have been working on my lists the past couple or three days and here they are:

8 TV shows we watch on occasion:

1. Ballykissangel
2. Masterpiece Theater/Mystery
3. On the Record with Greta Van Susteren
4. Law & Order, all of them
5. Antiques Roadshow
6. American Idol
7. Pawn It
8. Frazier

8 favorite places to eat & drink:
1. Yoder's Kitchen in Arthur, Illinois (probably my favorite place of all)
2. Hardee's (I love their thick burgers!)
3. Shoney's (their breakfast bar--none here any more but I eat there any chance I get.
4.Benjamin's--a little hometown diner in Rockville
5. Olive Garden
6. Texas Roadhouse
7. Golden Coral
8.. Johnny Carino's Italian (only ate there once or twice in Pigeon Forge, TN but I still remember it as being soooo good.

8 things I look forward to:
1. Seeing Lorelei
2. Seeing/talking to our girls
3. Picture taking
4. Comments on my blog....I love comments.
5. Going fishing
6. Road trips--be it a short drive or a long one.
7. A good book to read
8. Fresh tomatoes

8 things I love about winter:
1. Snow
2. Reason to make soups
3. Good time to curl up with a book
4. More time and inspiration to quilt/quiltpiece
5. Beautiful pictures
6. Christmas
7. Watching the birds on the feeders
8. It makes me appreciate a warm home more

8 things on my wish list
1. Totally healthy family
2. A good lens
3. More photo trips
4. To spend my time more wisely
5. To get more quilt tops actually quilted.
6. A GPS
7. A trip to Tennessee
8. A new desktop computer

8 things I am passionate about:
1. Lorelei
2. Photography
3. Anything quilting
4. Good books
5. Internet (maybe passionate is a little strong, but I sure do enjoy it)
6. Colts football
7. Good music
8. Love seeing wildlife

8 things I have learned from the past:
1. Be careful what you say and how you say it.
2. Don't dwell on things that made/make you angry (I still have a long ways to go about one particular thing there.)
3. Be patient.
4. Don't always be in a rush.
5. Don't be afraid to be yourself, again I am fifty+ years old and sometimes am a bit shy.
6. Listen to my instincts.
7. Eat dessert first...you never know when you will die. Actually, that was the motto of one of Sarah's friends in high school.... She did actually live by the rule.
8. I definitely need to write notes to myself.

8 things I want/need:
1. A better memory
2. Need to lose weight
3. Need to reorganize things.
4. Need to redo our fence
5. Need to put rails on our front porch because of Lorelei
6. Need more time...always need more time
7. I want more flowers that bloom later in the summer and into fall.

I don't want to tag anyone, but if you decide to do your lists, please let me know. I love reading this type of meme.
I got the above almost ready last night late. I did finish my quilt top. Now to the business of finding what I want to use for a backing. I like wild backs, but Roger thought I should use a plain one. I think I will have to rummage around in my fabric to see what I have.

Another foggy road trip

Roger wanted to get out of the house today, so we went over to Arthur, Illinois. I didn't take but a half a dozen or so photos. It was foggy, and there are very few places to pull totally off the road over there. And even out on the county roads, there is quite a bit of traffic. As an example, we might drive around here on our county roads for 15-20 minutes without passing anyone or having anyone behind us. Over there, we are very seldom out of the sight of another vehicle. Even for 5 minutes.

No sewing done today...


I spent a big part of the day sewing...the time flies once I start. I listen to audio books part of the time...most of the time in fact. I have spent a lot of happy hours with the pedal to the medal so to speak.

There are so many tools for quilting now that my mom never had nor used. And when I was young, Coats & Clark was the only thread we had heard of. Now, there are so many to choose from....the ones above are just a sample. And some of you would probably never believe the price of some of them.

For machine quilting, with my Juki machine, Coats and Clark is not the way to go...but it sews fine when I am just sewing. In machine quilting...at least in free-motion quilting it seems to break often when I use it.

I used King Tut thread by Superior threads for the first time on the quilt for Lorelei and for my new nephew's quilt and it was wonderful. It is the spool second from the right.

Anyway, one of these days I want to take pictures of some of the other tools that speed up the process of quilting...or at least the making of the top. But for now, I need to think about some sleep.