Thursday, April 30, 2009

Not my camera, not your computer

These were taken the other day when we ran over to Arthur, Illinois. It never rained really hard at any time, but misted. And if it wasn't misting, you just felt the humidity around you. There was always this slight fog or mist close to the ground in the distance. It was not my camera not in focus, nor is it your computer needing adjusting.
Today has been a different story as far as the has rained A LOT today...and about the time I think it is done, it comes around again. Just a little bit ago, I actually had the thought that it might be over with for today, but instead in about ten minutes, the rain moved back in and it just poured for about 20-30 minutes. Now, it acts like the sun might want to come out, but I am not going to let it fool me for a minute.
Doesn't it look lonely? And flat. I never can get over how flat it is. I would love to know how far one can actually see. And it is certainly a different kind of seeing than growing up in Tennessee.

When I first came to Indiana from Tennessee, I sure missed my mountains. I was just always so lonesome for them...and I guess to this day even though I have come to love some of the things of Indiana, my heart still belongs to Tennessee. Every now and then we come to an area and it will remind us of this or that place in Tennessee...and just for a minute we can pretend to be home.