Sunday, December 5, 2010

Oh, baby its a white world.....

The above was taken was taken at 12:58 a.m. yesterday is a handheld shot off my front porch. I like it a lot...and would love to have walked the neighborhood taking more, but it was snowing too hard to have the camera out in it.
These were taken over in we were driving down the road above we were thinking all kinds of titles for it but sadly I cannot remember any except something about Edge of the World and wondering if this is how Columbus felt.
You have to click this to get a better view...although you will still wonder why I posted is just to show how hard it was to see. I have some I took before we were this close, and I fear you could not even see it.
These trees just a bit farther down the road, and this was actually probably not even the length of a football field away. I love the misty feel of it.
And this one was taken late yesterday evening after we got back to the 3:53 pm. It snowed all day long...never hard...but the ground was warm and the snow melted all day long sidewalks and paved areas were warm, and the snow on them melted all day long....but last night I started hearing the crunch of tires as the snow and slush froze.

It is a cold, cold world out there this day...the birds are flocking to the feeders. I see my little Jenny Wren out there...she is a Carolina Wren. I always name them Jenny...I don't know where got that but I heard someone else or read someone else calling them Jenny. So I just give them that as a name. I am hoping she stays here through the summer.

It is so cold the cats are staying inside with barely a thought to going outside. If they do go, they don't stay long, they don't come to the door begging us to come outside either. They come in and are glad to stay inside for a good long while.