Friday, October 30, 2009

Two days later

Click here to see this same tree taken two days before this photo was is sort of a subtle difference yet it seemed much more intense in real life.
I have been really inconsistent with my posting. Nothing is really wrong, except had sinus/cold thing that has driven me crazy. I have felt more normal today than I have in days. I just hope and pray I can say the same tomorrow.

It has been rainy in our neck of the woods all day long, with a warm south wind blowing. It totally surprised me when I went outside to get one of the cats. Instead of making him come in, I sat down in the swing with him for a while. I know it is one of the last days warm enough to sit out.

Mama squirrel has been coming for food...I didn't see her today but seen her the three previous days. Before that it had been at least 3 or 4 weeks since I had seen her. I really thought she was dead. I could not believe my eyes, when I looked up and saw her the other morn as we went to leave...there she was. I ran back inside for nuts for her...she came to get them.

Lorelei was here yesterday...I put her down on a quilt on the floor. Cougar was sitting a few feet behind her. She looked back behind and seen him, then she looked at her toys...repeated the actions, then the third time she looked back at him she took off after him. He had just woke from a nap and was not in the mood so he took off.

Sarah has a double doorway between her living room and dining room....they have a wide gate across it to keep Otto and Keesha out of the living room when they want. She says if Lorelei looks over and sees him, she is off to see him to quick to talk about. And he is quick to lick. Sarah's favorite saying about him is that he can't hold his licker. (Liquor--lol)