Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Seen in Rockville, Indiana

We were returning home during one of our drives in the last snow and happened to come through Rockville...couldn't believe it when we saw this.  It is just so odd what you can happen upon when out rambling around.
Another sunny day, though still on the cool side.  If not for the wind, would have been plenty warm.  Tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer.

I have been quilting on a baby quilt.  It is almost half quilted.  I will have to get more thread before long...I am kind of thinking of running tomorrow to get it.  The quilting is the same as that of the quilt in my header.  It is going to be a baby shower gift and I was afraid to try something new, so stuck with something I always love.  I just love the texture this type of quilting gives.  Hopefully by the end of next week it will be finished, providing nothing happens in between now and then.