Sunday, August 14, 2022

Little update

 I know it has been a long time since I finally feels like it is somewhat back on track.  It did take a while.  I will begin with Roger.

I am not sure what made his sugar get so low.  Normally if he is sick, it is high.  He did not feel like eating, did not joke around at all.  His cardiologist/NP had increased two of his meds.  The one was doubled, then doubled again.  One for cholesterol.  And the other was magnesium.

So I started playing with his insulin and oral meds for the diabetes, and got him to our NP in a few days.  (I got him in as soon as I could but it was 4th of July weekend.  They did call and talk to me...) She said I had done exactly right with the reduction in the oral medication and the insulin, and even reduced the insulin more.  And when she saw the cholesterol meds, she was almost what you would call upset.  Wanting to know why he was on so much.  He is on two different pills.  I told her it was from the cardiologists office.  

She was going to have me eliminate one entirely, but I said how about cut back on the one.  So she said fine.  After doing that, in 24 hours he was some better.  Still he was not himself.  I gave it about 10 days or two weeks, and then cut it back to the original dose...that did the trick.  He is back to joking and teasing and being hungry.  


I had MOH's surgery Friday...the first time showed no more cancer.  Hopefully it will not show up in that spot again.  This last time was just about exactly in the same place the first one was in years ago.  I am so thankful to God that there was no more.

I have tried to get up the nerve to post a pic but it might gross you is not a good pic but it sure is not fun to look at.  You look at it and say OUCH!  And maybe even 'ooooh, gross!'

In the middle of this we had a major plumbing issue.  It is too long to go into.  Sarah came and got her day for a couple nights.  We had the drain back up late one evening.  I went to take the plug out of the sewage line to see if I could run the little snake and get anything to move.  When I went to twist the plug, the whole line broke!  

They fixed it in about an hour the next night... a couple of good, decent working guys.  After dealing with the one company for all the hail damage a couple years ago, I am always so thankful for people that try to do a good job.

I am not sure when or if I will be blogging again...I have to get stitches out either in a week or so.  Can go next Friday or else wait till Monday and I do dread it because the last stitch is so close to my eye.

I am going to put a video here that I came across just a few days ago: