Monday, July 20, 2009

A couple of beauties

Just a couple roadside flowers....both beauties when you really look at them.
Betsy asked me about my kitty, Cougar. She wondered if he stays home now. The answer is no, he doesn't. So far he doesn't leave as often, though I am honestly about afraid to say that. And he's skinny! He comes home with all kinds of little burrs. My older daughter was up and she thought he was Puss Puss he was so little. If you met him out anywhere, you would swear that no one loves him. He eats....he just don't put any way back on. Now he is even more like the Cougar he was named after. If he would only be like him--my original Cougar was never out of earshot that I remember. If I called his name, he would be here shortly.

I had something else happen that I was/am almost too embarrassed to tell. Remember I took Cougar to the vet for his cold, and that was on a Saturday? The following Monday, Bubbie was not at the door waiting, but when I stepped out the door enough to call his name he came from around the house, slinking in and looking back over his shoulder like something was after him.

He came in and ran to our bedroom, did not bother to eat. I went and got him, and brought him back to feed him, but he turned right around and ran back to our bedroom again. He did not eat nor drink, nor come out of our room for about 36 hours. We thought he was going to die, but decided to just wait and see. He came out a few times after that first 36 hours, I had brought kitty litter up from the basement because he just seemed to weak to do anything.

I forgot to mention that we could not find any kind of sore or sore spot on him. We checked him over two or three times. Nothing.

Remember this happened on Monday morn early, before Lorelei got here. Tuesday night and Wednesday he was out a few times, ate just a bite or two and drank a little bit. Then he spent another 36 hours in our room, not moving. I think he went to the kitty litter once. I get up before daylight Saturday morn, and he is in the living room, and barely breathing. I had to feel of him to tell that he was still alive...he did not respond at all. I got my pillow and laid on the floor with him for a while...finally got up and went back to bed.

I would not get up before Roger because I didn't want to be the one to find him dead. So laid there and waited, and Roger got up...and he didn't come back. So, I got up to see what was going on, and Bubbie was in the kitchen waiting for Roger to feed him. And he has basically not looked back; well he had one day of not being himself...but seems to feel fine now.

We both would love to know what happened...the first time he went outside after that, he was definitely afraid. He was looking up and around like he was afraid something would get him. He basically stays in the yard. He comes in and sleeps all day, and likes to go out at night. But almost any time I look out or go outside, he is somewhere near.