Sunday, January 27, 2013

Back early in December we took a drive down to the Goose Pond area by Linton, Indiana.  We found THIS fence...with all kinds of birdhouses.  I had meant to show a few along and have just not gotten around to it.  First of all, here is the sign that was on one of the posts:
Following are a couple of the unique, maybe even somewhat strange birdhouses:
 Not quite sure who he is supposed to be....
and if you look close you will see 'she' has three holes.

To me, the holes look on the small side, but when I looked closely at some of them, they had been used.  I just think some of these are so odd....I cannot help but wonder what people were thinking when they made them.  At least people have a fun sense of imagination.
Even though we went for a drive yesterday, I did do a little bit of sewing when we got home.  I finished seven more of the 6½ inch crumb blocks, keep in mind they were already started.   I got others  very close to being will keep working on them.

I am sitting here watching the birds at my feeders.  The goldfinches are out here thicker than normal, but probably not near as many as some of you have.  And the house sparrows,  and the house finches....along with a couple of  huthatches and a cardnal or two.  And a squirrel has been underneath the feeders.  I always throw some sunflower seed on the ground especially for them, though unless it gets really bad it is normally just this one little squirrel that has lost most of its tail.
Last night on the news, we saw this video.  Shortened story is that an Indiana cop found a fawn on someone's porch during a call...he and his wife who is a nurse saved it.  Now they are facing criminal charges.  Can they not spend their time and money on something serious?  It is just nuts in my opinion to prosecute people over something like this.  They seem like your average, hardworking couple...

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