Monday, September 3, 2007

This is the new additions to our family. I have not named them yet, though I am seriously considering Ricky and Lucy. The one on the bottom is the boy in the first picture. I am totally captivated by is my husband. You would think they are the first kittens we have had--never mind they are just two in a long line. All well loved.

The second picture is of Little Girl--we lost her yesterday and hunted the house over 2 or 3 times, only to have my husband finally spot her in this box of kleenex. She was sound asleep and did not move when the flash went off on my camera.

Other happenings: my husband and two buddies moved the sewing desk for my Juki down in the basement. He still has to make the plate that fits around it, but that won't take long or be hard. I am so thrilled to have it down there.

And I did get all my nine-patches sewn together. I am not sure if I am adding a border or not. I do need to trim the edges of it...I always make my quarter square and half square triangles on the big side when I am setting blocks on point.