Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Were any of you ever fascinated with these old lamps?  I have loved anything that burned kerosene/coal oil since I was a child.  I know there is a difference between coal oil and kerosene but I think my mom used the words interchangeably. 

I had two or three 'cheaper' versions when I was a kid.  One was a little one that was made totally of light blue glass...bought at the same Brashear's Glass Barn that we used to trade books at.  The other was a small red metal one, about half as tall as the one above.  Both were so cheaply made I probably should not have ever lit them.  I feel like I had another one but for the life of me, I cannot think what it looked like, so maybe the two are all I ever had.

They had oil in them.   I would actually burn them for a while every so often.  There was magic to lighting one of them and setting by it and pretending that was all I had to read by.  I always think of myself as not having had much of an imagination as a child, but I guess I pretended more than I remember most of the time.

Roger has not been feeling well since last Thursday.  We know to expect 'off' days since the stroke, but this is getting a little old.  I feel like there has been some improvement in the past couple of days though so maybe he will be back to his new normal soon.  This has been sort of like how he felt back in February when I ended up taking him to the ER.