Sunday, May 3, 2009

Introducing the Bobolink

Please click to enlarge these and get a better view!
The other day when we took the detour through the strip pit area, we saw this new bird. I had no idea what it was.
I don't remember how I found out what it was, I just know it was easier than normal for us to figure out.
It was so dark and dreary, and no time that day to even try to capture one, but last night we decided a quick drive through out there was in order. Let me tell you, there was not much happening. We did see pheasant, and heard lots more, and the usual red0-winged blackbirds were abundant. I really would hate to have to try to count them. It would be an impossible task.

I thought at first we were not going to see any sign of the bobolink, but came across 5 or 6 of them in some cattails. I got out of the Rav4 and was slowly walking up closer to them as they sang their little hearts out. It was such a joyous would just have to hear them to fully appreciate it. You can go here and scroll down about half way and there is a sound clip of their song.

Anyway, I am not overly impressed with these, yet happy to have at least caught these. They are images that have been cropped. I would have gotten closer if a truck had not came from the other direction and scared them away. As it passed they flew away...I seen one other one one more time, but no more.

We did see one other un-recognized bird last was long-skinny necked out in the grassy area. The neck wasn't as long as a crane though. It was too far to see good, and the one flew...and I seen another poke its head up one time, but we watched and watched and did not see it again.