Sunday, July 13, 2008

On keeping computer unplugged

These photos are through a dirty windshield--I haven't had time to clean them up but wanted to post them. We had been down to my daughter's house day before yesterday and this is some of the sky that we saw on the way home.

Yesterday this computer was unplugged a big part of the day, so couldn't work on photos even when I was home. A round of storms would go through, then clear up. I would plug it back in...only for another round to go through. I finally just left it unplugged. I do have everything on a surge protector, but I just don't always trust them. I have had a couple friends end up with their computers down because of lightening, so while I am sort of lost without it while it is storming, at least when the storms are over with, I can get back on.

Other than that we went to my daughter's house in Terre Haute and helped a little in getting ready to paint yesterday. We did a little bit of the priming...she is going to paint the trim white. When they bought the house it was painted dark, dark green so she wants to prime it before she paints it. And the windows each have several different panes of glass, so they are time consuming to do. But they are all primed and all the woodwork is primed now so they should be ready to paint.