Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Let's talk...

I have been MIA as far as blogging goes for a few days...not because anything is really wrong...just had other things on my mind. We have been seeing quite a bit of the little girl seen above...such joy to be found with her.

The above was taken last Friday...we were in Terre Haute on other errands but of course stopped to see her. She was out in the back yard with her mommy and Otto. I cannot think how old Otto is, but I think at least 3, if not 4 but he is a perpetual puppy. A big, goofy puppy at that, that LOVES everyone and everything...I have seen him growl and mean business at one person walking by, and Sarah has seen him growl at one dog.

You may think that is two too many, but if you knew how busy his neighborhood is, you would have to wonder what the two were up to. There are so many people that walk by, lots of them walking their dogs. And oh, does he bark....but it is to announce, 'Hey, I am here--come see me! I want to play!' And I think most people know that and recognize the bark for what it is.

When Roger and I got there Friday, he was thrilled to death to see was Lorelei. But he was a bit more insistent on attention. Well, we had given him his snacks, and had petted him and he had walked a few steps away from us...I suppose lost in his own world. Lorelei walked up from behind and started petting him, and he started to squirm and get all rambunctious thinking it was us, but soon as he turned his head and seen it was her, he just melted...just settled down and stood so still and let her beat on his back. She can pet him, she can beat him, she can do anything to him and he just does not care.

Now to Lorelei, she has become a Papaw's girl...she just wants all of his attention. It is just so cute and funny to watch her watch him. If he isn't looking, she'll shout 'PAPAW!' and smile from ear to ear. We kept her Saturday, while Sarah got ready for open house, which the realtor was holding Sunday. She had taken the dogs and cat to the kennel just to not have to worry with them. Sunday they came up here while the open house was going on...

While Lorelei was with us Saturday, she mentioned Oddie Doddie two or three times, so I feel it was only natural for us to want to be there when Sarah went and got the animals. We got there Monday morn just about the time Sarah was ready to go get them. We played with the toot, and she kept herself busy...after a bit Sarah returns. She is in and out of the house a time or two and Lorelei doesn't realize it...she is over playing with something...just totally engrossed in whatever it was.

Then she heard Otto's toenails on the floor, she threw down her toy, and went running to the gate, all the while yelling 'Oddie Doddie' and giggling and reaching her arm through the gate to get him. She was so thrilled to see him...I let her on in with them and she just could not get enough, and had this big smile on her face. Her face would have lit up a room.
Nothing else exciting has been happening...we are still having a lot of rain. Roger mowed the yard three times in nine days...and it needed it really bad each time. It us supposed to be clear today, so since I want to hang clothes out I best get busy with that.