Tuesday, December 22, 2020


 This is on of the latest of Copper and Delta....Copper was just too tired to make it the rest of the way up the stairs.  It makes me want to giggle.  Delta is such a patient girl.  

Here is the other...I don't know what he is looking at.   I don't know why I didn't ask.  But he only has his ears up like that when he is really interested in something.    He went to the vet last Friday.  He weighed 22 lbs around October 18...I think that was the day she got him and she took him to the vet shortly after.  Then last Friday he weighed 45.7 lbs.  He is a growing boy!


I am slowly trying to get ready for Christmas...the kids will do the cooking except homemade noodles were requested.  

Just thought I would show a couple ornaments.


I leave you with this little graph that I show every so often.  Usually after a day of hunting for things.  I won't tell what the item was that I thought I must be crazy.  Ends up I had put in the drawer below the one I normally use.

Then I started to get the cards ready for the girls...I could not find them.  I made myself calm down and look again where I thought I had put them.  They had slid behind the books. 

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Unexpected mail...

 I have orders coming, and knew the mail was bringing two packages today.   I finally figured what one of them was but the other tracking number did not match any of my order numbers.  Crazy me, I was trying to think what was I forgetting.

So this afternoon, the mail came...and look what the 'Unknown' package was:

It was this devotional by Susan Young.  From 'the lady who used to write my paycheck.'  That is a sort of joke.  Oh, she did write the paycheck.  But I always said that to her husband when he was trying to get me to take 'sides' with him over something.  I always told him I would always choose the person who wrote my paycheck.  Not the exact words...that has been so long ago and so much has happened since, that I don't remember exactly how I said.  

I opened it up and half read first that it was from her, to me, then I scanned the introduction.  And looked at the first page (January 1) and what should be the first verse:

What a verse to start the new year with. 


 We had so much fun at work...I wonder how many people think of their bosses with such love and fondness.  I seriously doubt there is a week goes by that I don't think of them.  Sometimes daily.  There was love and caring as well as there were funny things that happened.  It is the only place I ever had a stomach ache from laughing so hard.

When it was just me there,  lots of times they would tell of their life when young.  I would give anything if I had came home and written down the stories I heard there.  Mrs. D was raised by her grandparents, and Mr. D's mom and dad had a boarding house and restaurant.  I remember  lots of bits and pieces, but it is not like hearing them talk about them.


I will leave you with a recent photo my daughter sent me of the pup and Delta.

He is growing like a weed.  How they both fit on the couch is more than I know.  Delta is a big dog...I think she weighs aroud 90 lbs.  I forget what Copper weighs.  But though he is skinny, he is not little.   I get tickled every time I look at this photo. 

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Lazing on a Sunday

 It is dark and dreary here in West Central Indiana...I thought while I am not tired I will try to do a little post...

Last weekend we were at our daughter's house...had to be there Friday to be there while a guy was working on her kitchen...I will try to think and download get some pics from that in my next post.

One evening she and I made a run to JoAnn Fabrics...they were having a sale on Christmas fabrics.

The above is something Daughter is making with some of hers.  It is going to be either a small throw or something to use as a table topper or to just hang on the wall.

She is also in the mood to start another quilt using 2 1/2 inch squares of fabric...using all neutrals.  these above are not sewn together.  If they were, it would would only measure 10 1/2 inches x 20 1/2.  It will take a lot to squares make even a twin sized quilt.  

So towards that end, I brought home a bunch of her neutrals and cut a bunch of strips 2 1/2 inch yesterday.  She will do the next step an cut them into squares.

She only wanted one strip from each fabric, or what is equal to a strip. Some were just small pieces that I totally cut up.  I tried to count the different fabrics and to the best of my ability I got 49, but I am thinking I probably missed at least one or two.


On the fun side, how about a little synchronized chewing?

It is funny, Copper does the same thing of acting like she just has to go out and gets Delta to thinking she has to go out too....then when Delta goes out, she runs and gets her bone or whatever chew toy she had that Copper wants.

That is about it from my little corner of the world.  I hope you are having a great day.

Thursday, December 10, 2020

a bit of this and that...

 First a couple new pieces of art from Lorelei.  How do you like the above...the assigned subject was pirates.  She did this ship in a 'jug with a cork!'  I would never have thought to do that.  

Then night before last she told me she had finally finished her Halloween assignment:

Click on each one to get a better view.  


It was 58°F here yesterday, and may have gotten a bit warmer...that was the last time I looked at the temp.  And today I am sure it was at least 60, and probably higher than that.  We went for a drive, taking our rods and reels...and we did NOT wear jackets.  I had on long sleeves, but did not need them the last place we stopped.  Roger had on a sleeveless t-shirt and was fine the entire time.


Have I shared the following?   

 She is just so cute...

That is it for this post...I hope your week is going good.

Monday, December 7, 2020

More Copper....

 You would almost think that Delta is his real mom...

She puts up with a lot from him.

And this one made me laugh out loud when my daughter showed it to me...

Friday, December 4, 2020


 Just popping in to show you Copper after a hard evening play.