Thursday, July 30, 2020

Home grown breakfast


I was just going to have the big one for breakfast, but then that last slice was so big, I thought it would be perfect for a bologna sandwich.   So I had it on a sandwich and ate the rest with salt.  

The new blogger has finally hit me.  There are pluses and minuses as far as I am concerned, but think I will get used to it and be fine.

I did talk to Lorelei a bit last night...I asked about her teacher.  The first words out of her mouth was that she loved her, but she has not met all of them.  She has a locker this that is a new experience for her.  Her school is for only grades 5 & 6.  She thinks they have around 700 students.  

Some were concerned about masks...yes she has to wear them.  She didn't seem to mind.  Just so long as she can go to school.  She is riding the bus this year.  There is too much traffic to take her and pick her up.  She does not mind at all.  And she doesn't have to catch the bus till 8:30.

It is raining here...I picked the tomatoes in the rain.  I could not wait for it to stop.

I need to get busy...have an appt after while that I had almost forgot...just to get Roger's hearing aids cleaned and for her to check how he is doing with them.  Other than that, have a bit laundry and housework to do.

Have good rest of the week!