Thursday, November 10, 2011

Flannel Quilt

Not much new here in my little corner of the world....I sewed more 4-patches and cut more 2½ inch squares.  I have no idea what I am going to do with them, but that is the way a lot of my projects start out.  In fact, I tend to like those the best...that just develop as I go along...I think it might be a little bit of rebellion in me.  Just a little bit of freedom I enjoy.

The quilt above is nothing special...but it has been on our bed ever since I made it.  I went to Good Will and bought all the GOOD flannel shirts they got in...and usually got them for $2 or less.  I went when there was a sale, and I only bought Large and X-large...I love how snuggle it is.  And it is just so simple...

The quilt above I have shown before...but it started out with little 4-patches as I am doing now.  I was working at the time and thought I'd make the 4-patches because at least I would be sewing.  And I didn't have to think. Then I decided to make a 9-patch with a 4-patch as the corner pieces of the 9-patch.  That probably sounds like double talk to those that don't quilt...and maybe even to those that do....but that is how this developed.  I made all the 9-patches and decided to add more....but I won't go into details.  Just saying that sometimes flying by the seat of your pants works out good.

Sarah said they had big old flakes of snow for a little while.  We had little snow joke....kind of like tiny hail only it was snow...from about B-B size to not quite pea sized...and though stuff started to get white, it only lasted a few seconds and melted just as quick.  I had the thought to grab my camera but it was gone before I could really act on it.

I would love to go down and sew a bit  more now, but think I will go read for a bit before heading to bed.