Tuesday, May 4, 2010

After a sprinkle....

I took these the other day after a light rain...I couldn't resist another of the above new iris...
The other two I have posted every spring before...I am always so glad to see them blooming each year. I will probably take pictures ever year for the rest of my life, or for the rest of the time I am able.
To me the above is the queen of the iris that I have...its petals make me think of a frilly dress.
Lorelei was here today...she was sooo glad to see us. It is hard to explain how she changes...I see it so plainly yet it is so subtle. The one constant that does not change is her love of laughter. Today when I had her in her high chair, I discovered something new to make her laugh. I would been down till my eyes were about 8 or 10 inches from her eyes...I would close my eyes for a few seconds, then open them suddenly and make them big. She thought that was so funny.

She always goes and wants to watch videos of herself on You tube, then that leads to a few others. She will watch two or three, then be done. Then later, she will run in there to the chair and beat on it and look back at me...that is her signal that she wants to see more. We always watch a few sesame street videos...and then just this and that. Almost always just a very few minutes at a time.

I thought late this evening to look up Olivia's sight...she actually sat in my lap and watched a couple episodes...and she laughs at the appropriate times. It is amazing to me that she will set that long. I think Olivia is the only one that will hold her attention that long.

Earlier she had sat in my lap and looked at books for quite a while...and then right before Sarah picked her up, she had sat in the swing for probably 15 or 20 minutes. I guess that is one of the things that might now reveal much to others, but to us it is a big change for her to be still that long. When she is playing with her toys, she is also starting to pick play with toys longer, rather than always going from one thing to another. She still does go from one thing to another, but there are times she settles on one thing and plays quite a while.

Well, that is the Lorelei report for right now...if I think of more I will add it later or in the comments.