Saturday, August 29, 2020

From Lorelei....

 Last week they never notified Sarah that Lorelei was one of the kids exposed to the child that tested positive for Covid.  From things I have seen on the local news, if a kid has had direct contact with another student that has tested positive, the parents are notified.  We kept waiting last week, and Sarah never got any notification.  And then by the time she didn't hear anything, Lorelei does not want to come for just one night...she wants to stay two.   So we got her this weekend.  

Anyway, I have a couple pics of Kitty Soft Paws that she took...

Isn't she beautiful.

And she has the personality to match.  She really is a sweetheart.


Now for some of Lorelei's artwork....

The above is something she looked at and was not her creation.  Not sure how to word that.  But shoot, to even look at someone else's sketch and to draw that good is amazing to me.

And then there is the above...something she drew from some game, so for sure not her creation...but her drawing of someone else's creation.

And then there is the above and below.

I think she did make them up.  She calls them her robot girls...

I think she is creative.  And believe you me, she get this part from her mom, papaw and her aunt.  And not sure about her dad and his side of the family.  I would dearly love to be able to sketch, but I am just not good at it.

Just wanted to share these....hope you guys are having a good weekend.