Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pulling fence posts....

NOTE: this is not us...just a you tube video
We have been taking down a section of old fence between the house and the garage. I think that was about 6 fence posts....and this is the method we used. Our posts were in the ground farther, but it worked like a charm.

The chain is wrapped around the post down close to the ground, the tire is placed in front of the post and the chained pulled up over it and over to the hitch on the truck. Roger held the chain in place over the tire while I eased and took the slack out. When it was tight on it, Roger moved away and I put the pedal to the medal and out they popped.

One gave us trouble, and we had to leave it while we removed the rest of the posts...then when we could pull from a different direction it popped right out, too. It was in the ground at least 3 feet.

It was so heavy Roger had to use the chainsaw and cut it into pieces to load it in the truck. When he started that just cannot imagine how it was music to my ears. And the smell! Brought back so many happy memories of working at the orchard. I remember at first being so afraid of cutting out stuff, afraid I was hurting the trees...then it got till I felt like an artist at work pruning and cutting out branches.

Other than sometimes being out in the bitter cold, I did like pruning. Actually I liked almost everything I did there...except making cider. And even that was just the noise...the job itself was not bad.

Anyway, we are glad to have it this job done...not sure what I am putting back, if anything. It is another job for another day.