Monday, June 13, 2022


 I swung through the strip mining area, and came out a back way and saw this chicken.  I don't recall ever seeing one just like it.

I saw this snake racing across the road while in the strip mining area.  It was not very big...maybe a yard long.   As fast as it was moving, I was lucky to get a photo.  It must not have liked the sun.

I do not had much to tell...I have felt like no matter what choice I made about some things, I was making the wrong decision.   Do you ever do that?  
I am still working on the Christmas quilt in odd moments.  If I had a design wall big enough I would put what I have done on it to show you but right now it has stuff hanging on it waiting for decisions.  So there is no room to hang up what I have done.  

I am going to share a video with is longer than I normally share, and is not good quality but we still got so tickled at some of the answers.  If you listen, tell me your favorite answer.

I hope you enjoyed it half as much as we did.  One of my favorites was when Art Linkletter asked the would be pilot what he would do if all the engines quit....he bowed his head and started saying the Lord's prayer.  And then there is one where he asks a little girl what would make a good husband... and then ask her what she was going to be.