Monday, August 10, 2020

Those Were the Days...

 First a pic of me...back when I worked at the orchard...that was so much fun.  When I first started I had a crate in front of me and two behind.  They held a bushel each.  

And then I was looking through pics and found the one below.  Look close.

Do you see Charlie(short for Charlotte) stretched out against Delta?  This had to be over two years ago.  It is when Charlie was a young kitty.


Daughter came yesterday and we worked on her curtains again.  

That is the fabric she chose.  She used it before in her house in Missouri. 

If anyone ever orders fabric for curtains, be sure and talk to someone and make sure it is understood that you want it in one length, or give them a minimum length of the pieces.  The is drapery fabric.  Not cheap even though she got it half price.  It was from a big name company.  They are in most bigger cities around here.  Even Terre Haute used to have two, but they did go down to one.  

Anyway, my daughter ordered it on line, before she even got moved, and it came.  She did not open right away.  When she did it was in pieces.  I know at least 3 pieces...and two of them are two short for anything.  But it was so much later that she opened it that she didn't really complain.  I would have been very vocal.  $25 a yard is too much to pay and get pieces.  And you don't want pieces when you order curtain matierial and  they should know that.  Especially when it is pattern that big that has to be matched.


I have been busy all day...we even went to Menard's and picked up a few things.  Doing this and that around here.  I stepped outside to go pick the two or three tomatoes that were ripe, and the heat hit me like a brick wall.  I came in and checked the was 92°F but felt like 113°F.

Then right before dark I heard the chairs on the back porch rattling and just as I opened the door the wind tilted the wooden swing forward, but not till it fell, pick on its toes of the front 'legs'  and blew all the way across the porch...and only stopped because it hit the last post.  It blew chairs along in front of it.

I hope your week has gotten off to a good start.