Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Another day come and gone....

Thought I would show just a couple more flowers...an Asiatic lily above. I don't know the name of it...an a daylily below. Again, I don't remember the name. I do not why, but the names of the different colors of flowers just do not stick in my mind. Even if it is a name I love.
This day lily came from some place like Walmart or Menards....but I want to go to Windy Ridge Farm before this year is out. It is not over 10 miles from us, and we have never stopped. I do not know why. I think because there would be so many I would want. Anyway, I have made up my mind to stop, if for nothing else than to take photos.
I have been sewing a bit the past few days...I am making a backing for the 4-patch shown in This Post....I thought maybe I could get the backing made and get the layers pin-basted....and start quilting on it. It might inspire me to think of how I want to quilt Roger's quilt. It is pin-basted and just waiting on my decision.

The backing I am making is not just an ordinary backing...it is nothing fancy but I am doing more than just a plain piece for fabric. It is nothing planned...just throwing some fabrics together. Probably when it is done I will wish I had planned it. I have such a hard time in being spontaneous with things.

Anyway, hoping to finish the backing tomorrow...have an errand or two to run so will be lucky to finish it. I have to hunt more fabric...hoping I have some more of the ones I have already used but if not, it is no big deal.