Monday, February 2, 2015

Almost standing room only....

I made a quick run through the strip pits again today...the first little pond I pass had more geese on it than I had ever seen there at one time.
There were White-fronted Geese mixed in with the Canada Geese.  There was weeds between me and the pond.  I did try to get out but that sort of agitated them.  Some flew away.
The photo above along with the ones below were take at the big strip pit.

All of these can be clicked on to expand the view, so click on them, and notice in the last three photos just how many are sleeping.  Even out on the water.

And on the way home, I went by the pond I showed in the first two photos...this is what was going on there:

I am assuming they were was the middle of the afternoon, and almost all of them were like this.