Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A bit slow in blogging...

I just cannot seem to get with the program....the trouble is not so much finding something to blog about as it is just getting it done. I wanted to show the blocks I am working on for a baby quilt...I have enough blocks made. And I actually picked out the fabric I want to use for the sashing but I haven't gotten it cut yet.
I am not sure how much like a baby quilt it will look, but it will still be fairly bright and cheerful and big enough to lay in the floor for a baby to lay on when it is first starting to roll around. And Lorelei liked laying on hers just to look around.

BTW, the bits of paper you see folded over on each block tells me where in the quilt that block belongs. I don't want two lions side by side, nor two monkeys, etc. Though it really wouldn't matter a lot because they are different views of the animals.
The fabric above is my latest acquisition...I bought it to make pajamas. I love just plain old cotton pj's, but could probably buy them cheaper than I make them...even with the good deals I get on fabric at Thousands of Bolts. I make them, though, for the sheer pleasure of sewing and finishing a project in one evening. Also, with these, I will have the scraps left over and can use them in quilts!

Then there is the other two pieces of fabric below...I bought them at the same time as I bought the above. The first piece, I loved, and if I had known it was as nice as it is, I would have bought more. But it is a brand of fabric that I have had some issues with...it being so thin I could see through. I did not want to buy much of it since I could not examine it.
The second piece is a reproduction piece will work well with all my Civil War fabrics I am collecting. Roger loves them, so I will be making another quilt for us sometime in the future.