Thursday, May 21, 2009

Just a few more flowers....

When Lorelei got here this morn, she and I went to look at the flowers...and I was trying to decide if this dark one is the same variety as I showed earlier. I cannot tell for sure. I bought it at this community yard sale a year or two ago...I forget the name of it. At the time from the description I wondered was it the same as the dark ones I already had.
I forget where this one came from....I only have two or three of them. I have had them for several years.
I wish I had taken a picture of the whole bunch of those above when they first started to bloom...again, I started out with only a couple and I have a whole bunch of them now.
I had totally forgotten buying this yellow one...again it was at that community yard sale. I had just been thinking I wanted to get some yellow ones. I kept seeing the petals that stand up and thought that it was just another of the purple/white ones, even though the white petals had a sort of yellow glow. I thought it was just something to do with the lighting.
Imagine my surprise when Lorelei and I walked out there and it was this one! I just love it. Irises are some of my favorite flowers...I think it is the variety of colors available that make me love it so. And they do smell so good! To me, they smell a little bit like grape Kool-Aid. Is it just me, or does anyone else think that?

Anyway, I hope you enlarge them to see their full beauty.
I don't know if you noticed that the picture I posted of Lorelei sleeping in the last post was actually taken Tuesday. There is a sort of story behind my reasoning. Yesterday was a hard day...she was just out of sorts. I was trying to hold her to the schedule that we figured she would be on with the feeding. I was not letting my natural instincts have their way. And I paid for it big time. She fussed a big part of the day, then when I gave her her bottle she would go to sleep before she really got full. Then wake up in a bit and the cycle would start all over again--me trying to make her wait, her crying and wearing herself out and then falling asleep before she had her fill. So it was a long more ways than one as you will see if you continue reading.

On top of this with Lorelei, my cat Cougar had went outside Monday and I didn't see him again that day, and he was not home Tuesday morn as he normally is after spending a night out. He is usually on the back porch sitting in a chair waiting for me. He did not come home that Tuesday at all. We went for a walk after Lorelei went home and called for him. No Cougar. I stayed up till past midnight, occasionally going outside and looking and calling for him. No Cougar.

I didn't sleep much at all that night, looked for him when I first got up yesterday(Wednesday) and no Cougar. Every chance I got, which wasn't many, I went outside and called for him. By the time Lorelei left yesterday, I had given up on him ever coming home. I doubt you can imagine my joy when I looked up and seen him looking in the window looking for me at about dark last night! It really isn't much of an exaggeration when I say he owns my heart....

Then today I went with my instincts with Miss Lorelei and we had a great day! I am quickly learning the tv is fun to sit and talk to her and watch her reaction to far, she really loves the two characters that are orange and yellow on Barney and Friends, she likes Sesame Street....but not Sponge Bob Square-Pants (he doesn't do a thing for her), she kind of likes Clifford the Big Red Dog and she likes the Barnyard Animals.

Kay came over after school, and Lorelei likes her....and what is not to like? She is 7 years old and is one of the best kids. She has a very loving heart....she is such a good sister to her little brothers. And I know she will be so good to Lorelei. She had to hold Lorelei and she wanted to give Lorelei her last bottle but I was afraid to try that right now.

So now it is time for me to settle down and try to get some real rest!