Monday, January 4, 2021

Lighter notes...

I have been in a giggling mood when thinking about Otto...this is him 'back in the day.'

He is a lot older now and spends a lot of time sleeping.  

I don't know what brought it to mind, but when they lived at Indy when Lorelei was young...we would go visit.  Otto would be so, so happy to see us.  One of the first things he would do is run grab his blanket and come dragging it in to us as fast as he could.  It was as if he was willing to give up his blanket if we would just spend the night with them.  I wish I had a picture of the look on his was just so full of joy.  

Then today Roger and the lost watch episode crossed my mind.  He could even remember it.  I laughed till I cried just thinking about it. I know a couple of you have read this story before but some of you have not.  So Here you go:

Now for some laughter....the following happened just a couple of hours ago...I swear to goodness I am not making this up.

A little background is Roger takes his watch off fairly often and loses it for a short while...usually when he is working out in his shop, or sometimes when he showers.

 So tonight we were sitting here and out the corner of my eye, I saw him looking at his right wrist but I didn't think anything of it.  He looked at me and said, "Well, Rosemary, (Mary is my middle name) I have lost my watch again."   He was totally serious...and he started to get up to go look for it and says, "NO, I didn't it's right here...on my left wrist!"

Oh, how we have laughed...I can still see the look on his face.  He got up and went in the kitchen and yelled at me, Hey I found my feet--they are on the end of my legs...Hey, I bet I could find two new cars out in the garage.....and on and on.

The above is directly from my blog post of March 6, 2015.  A little added info is he has never worn a watch on the right wrist...we have no idea why he looked for it there.


A few more Grandmother's Flower Garden....most of these were made before Christmas, but night before last I made 2 plus finished another that is not shown in this photo.  Added to the ones shown here I am gradually building a pile of them.

I started with laughter so I might as well end with laughter.  Here you go: