Thursday, December 6, 2018

I had a birthday last month...

I had a birthday last month and my daughters and hubby did it up right...that is a batik fabric 'cake', one of the gift boxes had different mini chocolate candy bars, etc.  And one had sewing notions and more the photos to enlarge.  Notice the spools of thread around the bottom of the cake...they are all King Tut thread.

A very nice addition to my supplies...

I wish I could show you all the batiks individually but that would take all day.

It snowed just a skim today, making everything so beautiful.  But I did not get out in it.  Instead I made the binding for a quilt my daughter is working on.  I will try to think and show the quilt in the next day or two.  And I was trying to use my Viking machine rather than change thread, etc on my Juki downstairs.  The Viking was was making a knocking sound, so I ended up bringing the strips upstairs to sew on a different machine.  The Juki downstairs is set up for my daughter to work on her quilt...that is why I did not want to change things. 

I did go back down later and cleaned the machine...I did not think I had used it enough to get all the lint build up that was in it.  I have NEVER had a machine that was that packed with lint build-up.  I have a habit of sitting and cleaning my machines when I am waiting on the phone, or if I am talking to my brother.    Somehow I missed this one...but it is clean now and no more knocking.