Friday, May 22, 2009

Here's another barn

I am so worn out I can't think straight has been a long time since I have taken care of a little baby and you can tell it. All you have to do is look in my eyes to see that I am wiped out. I know I will not be taking near as many pictures, but hopefully I will still be able to show a few new barns. I have a lot I have never posted....such as this one. The top is the view we first saw of this barn....then we went down and around a couple curves and got the other view of it that I am showing below.
I always wonder about the windows in the barns. Around here, a lot of barns have at least a couple windows, but where I grew up, I cannot think of any barn right in my area that had windows. My first thought is that they are for ventilation, but I am not even sure you can open them.
I cropped one of my pictures to show you a closer view of the on it to enlarge and see what you think about them.
Change of subject
One of my blog buddies wondered if Cougar might have a girlfriend...and I thought I would just add a note that all our animals are either neutered or spayed. So I don't think that is it...he sometimes comes home with burrs in his hair, but not the other day. He came home starved to death...he looked like he had lost weight. We sort of think he goes in someone's garage and gets locked in. He has never been gone this long before, but he was gone almost 24 hours once. That time he came home hungry and thirsty, too.

I had planned on not letting them out, and didn't really think it would be much of a problem. They had been born inside and never been out. You would think they would have had a fear of going out, but instead they would about trip us trying to get out. Then, my daughter brought her two cats, which did happen to be the mother and brother of our just became impossible to go outside without at least one cat getting out. So we finally gave up.

My first Cougar, who lived to be 17 years old, was neutered; he stayed in our yard for the most part so I kind of figured these would also. For the most part, the other three almost always come when I call. They are usually here in the yard somewhere or across the street at Kay's, but Cougar just disappears and I have no idea where he goes. I turn him and turn around and he is gone.

But, I am actually wondering if he has learned something from this, cause he sure has spent a big part of the past two days inside! He does go out, but he is usually back within a short time.