Thursday, January 3, 2013

Done at last, done at last

One of the reasons I haven't been blogging is I knew I wanted to finish this. It is amazing at the hours I put in this. Even if only paid $1 an hour, it would be a lot more money than most people would want to pay for it.

It was not a good day to take pictures. I may wait and take more late when there is at least some sunlight. I tried to show some of the quilting. It is nothing fancy but it is pretty when you can really see it all and not just a small section like this.  BTW, this quilt....Puss Puss and Bubbie absolutely love it.  They have snuggled in it every chance they have gotten.

You can barely see it if--even if you enlarge it.  It looks better as a whole than it does just to see this small section.

And I even put it up in the house to take photos...

So there you have what has occupied so much of my thinking time as well as working time.