Wednesday, January 20, 2016

From my corner of the world

I finished this mat is 14 inches in diameter.  I am just positive that I used 50 ft. of clothesline to do this.  I get to second guessing myself and wonder now if it was just 25 ft. I no longer have the packaging to check and see.
I have not tried to trim all the threads good yet, but have trimmed some.  I am still not sure what I will do with it.  Not sure I will ever do this again.  I think if I could find some all cotton cording/clothesline that did not cost a lot, I would probably make a few smaller ones to use as hot pads.  And some even smaller for mug mats.

Today I sewed the last row of blocks together for the Lotus quilt.  I still have to do the ends of each row, and I am nervous about that and then just tense about sewing the rows together.  But the blocks went together mush easier than I expected, though I did use a lot of pins.  I just cannot fathom how many pins I am going to use when I pin two rows together that are over 100 inches long!
We got about 3 inches of snow.
This is just a sample of what is under the feeders...
I think 9 doves is the highest I have counted at one time.