Sunday, May 31, 2009

From a few days back...

I thought instead of showing more sky pictures, for the next couple days at least I am going to show pictures from the archives...things I planned to show but just hadn't got around to it.
These were taken May 5 to be exact. We were on our way home...just ready to go home. Well, we passed this house set way, way back off the road and there were these purple irises all along the lane....and more out along the road right by the drive way. Much to my regret I didn't ask Roger to stop there.
We went on down the road, and there right beside this pasture were these planted by the light pole....there was just something about them that I had to stop and take a picture or two. then we were on our way. At the end of the pasture was a ravine and even down in it were irises planted here and there. All were this color.

I would love to know the story behind them. I definitely feel like there is something significant about them all being one color. Maybe it was only somebody's favorite color, but I like to think that they came from somebody's mother or grandmother and they wanted to plant bunches of them to remember her by.
We went back to Big Walnut Creek to check out the fishing. When we left here we were going to check out Big Raccoon at Bridgeton, Indiana and at Mansfield, but we cross over the creek one time not far from here and it was really high. So we it would be too high to wade...not that I was planning on wading.

So we decided to go to the Big Walnut...and how I wished I had went prepared to wade. We found the best place....big sandbar....nice big log jams. Perfect for fishing. I 'almost' caught one small-mouthed bass, and my husband caught a small-mouthed bass and what we call a rock bass. This from the bank....and that bank was probably 8 feet from the water. Not fun to fish from that high up.

Some kids went by in kayaks and canoes, and we were talking to one kid that said he fishes there quite often. He say he caught nice sized small-mouth in there, and he also told us on down the way were a couple of really good fishing holes. So we will probably be going back there.

I need to get settled down for sleep--little Miss Lorelei will be here in the morn if all goes well. So I need to be rested--good-night for now!