Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Yes, we got snow!

Everything is covered with a deep blanket of snow.  Our grill greets us first thing as we go out the back door. 

Roger shoveled the sidewalks this morn first thing.  That was a lot of snow...he got the sidewalk leading to the garage and also to the side and to the front porch.  I think we got at least 8 inches.

But the main sidewalks, and where we park sometimes to the side of the house, and in front of our garage were cleared by this guy and his dad.

They go around and do almost the whole neighborhood...for free.  Oh, we give them a little something sometimes, but they don't want to take anything.  They have a blast doing it, but it sure helps us. 

We have been so blessed most of our life with wonderful neighbors.  With these neighbors alone, Roger will do stuff to help them or for them...and if we need anything, all he has to do is ask.  Such as when we went to hang the barn doors Roger made for the old garage...they were too heavy for me, and all he had to do was go ask them.

Their grandson needed some help with something with his bow, so he came to Roger for him to fix it.  And their grandson is such a good kid...he has stopped a time or two just to visit when Roger was out in the garage and he is interested in learning how to do stuff.  And part of the time, he would know what tool to hand Roger without him asking for it.
We are supposed to have low temps again the next couple of days...not even supposed to get above 10ยบ F tomorrow...and supposed to be below 0 tomorrow I suppose we won't be doing much.