Friday, September 10, 2010

A trip to the zoo in photos

Jeremy had the day off yesterday, so we decided to take the toot to the zoo....above she is pointing at seals.

And above she is looking at her Pappaw who is taking the photo!

Mammaw had the camera in the following shots....she was very interested in these 'lizard' type of animals. I am sorry I don't have the names of the animals...yesterday my interest was mainly in Lorelei's reaction to things.

She wanted to get close to the 'lizards' you can see in the above two photos.

She loves chickens!

And just a couple with mom and dad...
She was looking at ducks with her mommy in the photo above....

I just got to tell this little funny thing that happened. I was sitting in the floor playing with Lorelei Thursday evening. She was kind of in front of me on one side, and Otto was laying just inches from her. He was just looking at her, watching her face intently. I have no idea what he was thinking...

In seconds, Lorelei looked up and her eyes locked on him. She just stared at his face...she was almost nose to nose with him...then quick as a wink her tongue came out to give him a lick...but I got my hand in between. Otherwise she would have given his nose a big old lick! I guess she figured it was her turn to try to do the licking.