Thursday, November 14, 2013

Smiling face...

I took a few pics of Lorelei on Halloween, and in all of them, she either has her eyes closed or something.  It didn't help that I was having trouble getting focused.  Anyway, I sat down behind her while she greeted the other kids and managed to get this one.
It is another day on the cold side, but the sun shines so that is good.  Thinking I might as well throw a load of clothes in, till I can hang them out.  I really miss doing that as much in the winter...I will hang a load out in the summer, come in and tell Roger all is right with my world.  LOL   I even liked hanging clothes out when I was a kid.

I am not sure what the day is going to hold otherwise, but if I am going to do laundry, it is time I get started.  Just thought you might like having that smiling face greet you this morn.