Sunday, May 18, 2014

Finished at last...

I don't am showing two different pics...because the color is off a bit in both.

The top photo is too dark...and the second is just a tad bit lighter than I think it really is...
Now the back is a surprise of course.  I like for the back to come as a surprise. Since this fabric is quilted on the straight of grain, it looks it is the side against the feeddogs.

I am so disappointed in myself and in it.  I try to convince myself that it is will still be good to snuggle under.  And it will.  But I really like for them to look nice, too.
It has been ages since I changed the appearance of this blog so took the time and changed the color scheme.  I think I am going to enjoy the new look.  At least for a while.  

Pastoral scene....

We went for a little drive today...we were in and out of rain showers.  First it would be so dark that I would have my ISO set to 1600 and still hardly light enough to get a good shot.  Then the sky would brighten enough for me to set it back to 2-400!

Anyway, could not resist this scene.  It is not the best quality in once sense, but the scene itself makes up for a lot in my book!
Can you believe--California Chrome won again!  I wonder if we will have a Triple Crown winner.  They were talking about him and said that when he walks into a new place, he pauses and looks around and takes it all in.  That is the exact same thing they said about Secretariat.  It makes me think he might actually win at Belmont.