Monday, June 24, 2019

Not much happening...

I have taken a break from many ways can you express that?  I call it freeing myself of items, Or letting go or sending them to find a new home.  What term do you use?

But how crazy is this:  I found these old 'catalogs' and was happy as a clam.  Though how do people know clams are happy, anyway?   I thought I had thrown them all away a while back when I ran across them but either I stuck them back or else these are more I had saved.  On the back was this:

What a rush of memories this elicited...bringing back some of the best memories of my entire life.  I lived at what was my favorite spot on earth when we had this address.  I had to shed a tear or two.  Sort of wishing I could go back to that time, but not if I had to go through all the rest of what has happened since then.

When we lived in Tennessee for a year and a half, I got started getting these...they are maybe 6 or 8 pages long.  It is a book catalog....all I did was choose the books I wanted, mail in my choices, and they were mailed to me free of charge.  I think I could keep them as long as I wanted if I remember correctly, and then stick them back in the bag and send them back.  Free of charge.  Oh, I am sure our taxes paid for them...but we didn't have to go to the post office and pay to mail them back.

Each book only had a line or so describing what it was about.  Only a few had pictures showing the book cover and it was a very small photo.    So when the books came, it was sort of like getting a Christmas present.  I could not wait to open the bag.  (They were mailed in a zippered cloth bag.   Through these books is how I found one of my all time favorite books, Tisha, by Anne Purdy as told to Robert Specht.
I am hoping to return to the chore of getting rid of things before the week is over, but it won't happen tomorrow as we have an appt in Carmel, Indiana, which is basically Indianapolis....just on the north side.  I shaved Roger's head, and tried to trim his beard today.  I am not good at it.  I don't know what happened but part of his beard just wants to grow so wild.  It did not used to do that. He cannot do that trimming, but he can shave, so am relieved he can do that. 

Anyway, another day will be the yard, and another day Roger has to go get allergy shot, but that doesn't take long.  Hoping that is all that we end up having to do.

I hope you have a good week and that you find time to do the things you want to do.