Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I showed this once before....before I had the binding on.  And before it was washed.  I never give a quilt away till I have washed it once.  This one has been washed and dried and did fine.

The baby shower was the last weekend in was appreciated.
Another beautiful least for the most part.  We did have a shower this evening...over in a minute. 

I did not do two cents worth of work.  I sewed a little while before I went to therapy but have not touched it the rest of the day.

I am reading Escape from Sobibor by Richard is so good but so hard to imagine.  Sobibor was a death camp built by the Nazis to exterminate the Jews.  The last 600 Jews left at Sobibor revolted because they knew in the end they would be killed, too.. of the ones that escaped only 52 or 53 survived the winter.  The author interviewed survivors in order to write the book.
Roger fixed broccoli and beef for was delicious...he is a good cook.  (I washed the dishes...LOL)


Though you might not be able to tell it, this is Lorelei.  She is on the phone with me the other night and this is a photo from her mom.  I started to say this is when she was talking to me, but it was almost entirely giggles!  Her laughter is contagious.

Her dad was having the next day off...he works a lot of overtime.  Anyway, after Sarah put her to bed and told her good-night she yelled for daddy to "come back in her room so he could talk to her!" Then he was informed that she was going to wake him up in the morning and she would bring him food "cause she knew he'd be hungry"