Thursday, May 4, 2017


1.   When daughter and I made this quilt last summer, due to the method we used, we were left with many small half square triangles.
At some point in the summer I slapped them together to form squares...I am wishing now I had taken a pic of the container they are in...anyway, today I had the idea to sew a few of the squares together.  The one pictured above is fairly nice.  A lot were not that nice.  When we first cut the triangles, we were not thinking about sewing them together again.

Anyway, this is the result of sewing 16 of them together this afternoon.  I may add a small border and make a potholder with it.

I now have three of these potholders.  Each one still needs a bit of quilting.  Maybe I will get to it one of these days.

3.  We went Monday to get Roger's allergy shot.  His doctor had not sent the serum.  So, he did not get his shot.  They give the shots on Mon, Tue, and Wed afternoons.  So, I called his nurse the next day and she had not heard from them.  So I called them Wed and it had been sent that day and would be in Terre Haute today.  Thursday.  So, I thought well, that is too late to get his shot.  I was sitting sewing this afternoon and Rita called.  Rita is the nurse that is in charge of giving his shots.  She told me the serum was in and if we wanted to come in and get his shot, that she would give it to him if we got there before 4:00....all we had to do was tell the front desk that she said it was okay.  Thank God for kind, caring nurses.

4.  It was a wet, rainy day...and I do mean wet.  We have had over 8 inches of rain in the past few days..  The point of it all is there was not much else going on, so we ran by the quilt shop and I got a bit more fabric.
This is not the bright orange that I usually like but thought it would be nice to blend in with the others that I have.
I couldn't resist these, either.  Not sure what I am doing with them.

5.  The other day at Hardee's, I was trying to think of something a bit new to do with Roger for therapy.  We have not been doing much at all lately.  Well, I started printing lines from give him practice reading.  Then he tried to think and tell who sang song.  Well, one song that I printed a line from was Do It Again by Steely Dan....and in looking for it on Youtube, I came across the one below.  I did not even think of the other day!

I can't believe I forgot is probably my favorite.

Does anyone remember the show Name that Tune?  I keep telling Roger that someone should come up with a game where a phrase/sentence is given, and the contestants try to think of a song that contains that phrase...and if they think of song with the phrase in the title, then that scores double  the points.

Or even one such as we were doing...give a line or two from the lyrics and then see who could tell the name of the song and who sang it.

That is it for now....linking to Willy Nilly Friday 5.

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful we are aware that this fellow lives across the alley from our garage, under a neighbor's building.  Last year, or the year before, we unknowingly locked him in our garage and boy, was there a mess.  Several things knocked down, some broken.

  I am also thankful to have a few new photos to post the past couple of days.

I will be linking to Thankful Thursday.

Delta Update
I ask my daugher what my grand-dog was up to.  She said she is constantly finding something new to get into.  Delta's new thing to do is to take her ball over and drop it down the basement stairs only to run down after it to get it and do it all over again.