Monday, November 28, 2011


Just a photo or two to brighten your day.....can you look at that smiling face above without getting a smile on your face?
She is to the point that she will let me take a photo or two, then she wants to come see what I have taken. And the day I took these, she wanted to take some of her own. I did not let her, but it won't be long until I start letting her with some supervision.

She is makes life so much more interesting...she just called me a few minutes ago just chatting away. She wanted us to come over or her to come here.

Then her mom got on the phone talking to me...and she had to think. She knew there was something else she wanted to tell me. Something that Lorelei had done. Finally she thought of it:

They have a friend visiting them...he had been gone. Well, Sarah was doing laundry--she was sitting in the living room folding a basket when he came in. Well, there is this step down into that room, so he just sat down there talking to her and Jeremy.

Well, Sarah had a sports bra laying in the bottom of the basket...Lorelei ran and grabbed it and put it on, then turned around to their friend and called him by name, and said "don't touch my boobies!" Told him that a couple times...which of course it set Sarah off to laughing and she just totally stunned her dad. They have no idea where she got that...