Monday, January 25, 2010


Sarah sent me this pic of Lorelei...she loves book. I don't care what she is doing, you can usually get her attention if you get a book. As of right now, they are planning to come up tomorrow. Even though I just saw her yesterday, I will be so glad to see her. She is a ray of sunshine in our life.

Yesterday Sarah was changing her, and I was there trying to keep her entertained. I need not have worried. She got started with her foot...she would hold it up right in front of her face and just wiggle it all around and talk to it. Then she would lick her toe...then hold it back out. I honestly think she was having a pretend conversation with it. Sarah and I both had tears in our eyes from laughing so hard....or I think she did. I know I did.
As for today, it has snowed all day long, but yesterday was so warm that the snow melted for the longest time. Yesterday was in the 50's and we had lots of sunshine brother lives an hour or so east of us and he said they only had 10-15 minutes of sun. It is down in the 20's and windy, but still not the freezing cold that we just got through
The birds just flocked to the feeders all day long...I think I counted 17 starlings out there at once. Tons of sparrows and juncos were here, along with a couple cardinals. And the squirrels came this morn. So everything should be full tonight, but I am sure they will be here tomorrow.

I made the cats stay in today till the wild things could eat in peace. The cats weren't too happy, but they don't really need to be out anyway. They sit and look out the window and dream of what they would do if they were allowed outside. Except my boy...he has laid and slept most of the day. A couple of times he wanted outside, but for the most part he has snoozed the day away.